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<p>deck sealer after stain<br />
composite planters wood pots in russia<br />
balcony railings plastic wood</p>
melted will generate static electricity in the plate and separation of the moment, these static again No glue fully cured wear layer, the wear resistant layer formed on the surface of many tiny pinholes on the floor, so only after a period of time, stains into the following floor wear-resisting layer, forming a floor surface pollution phenomenon. On the contrary, because there is no high-quality wear-resistant layer in

the processing link in the formation of electrostatic surface micro. The air does not produce, WPC decking will use more brighter. 3, the base material, the floor environmental protection important embodiment. Now the national E1 grade standard value is the percent E1 class �� 1.5 mg / L level E0 standard value is the percent E0 grade �� 0.5 mg / L. As long as reaches E1 class. Therefore, the

quality of the substrate not only affects the environmental protection coefficient, but also determines the price of wood-plastic flooring in the market. The cost of products with low formaldehyde content is relatively high, whereas the price is slightly lower. Can pass the product inspection report that businessman produces commonly can judge the environmental protection of floor. Lu Bin, director of the State

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