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If someone asks you if you know the purpose of homework , you would say that it facilitates learning if you are a teacher and would say that it just wastes your time if you are a student. This is a common scenario but I would have to agree with the thought process of teachers because that is the truth and fact about homework. Homework is something that in addition to giving an academic learning and understanding it also facilitates the development of different soft skills in students. But one common mistake that is usually made while assigning homework is giving the same assignments to every student taking a course or a class. If you think logically, you will figure out that this practice is wrong and completely baseless.

Try answering a simple question if any two students are similar and you will get the answer there itself. No two students are similar or have same strengths or weaknesses and hence obviously they cannot work on the same things to develop certain skill sets. It is common sense. When every student is different from one another then how can they be given the same homework assignments? There should be some differences in the assignments that are given to them so that they can enhance their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. In fact, every student should be given different homework assignment based on their individual strengths and uniqueness.

The teachers first need to analyze the unique quality of every student. Some students are good at written presentation where as some may be good at solving sums. And in addition to these strengths, every student would also have some weaknesses of their own. Thus, students need to analyze all these unique characteristics of every student so that they know the areas in which a particular student is good at and an area in which a particular student is not good. Once teachers make this demarcation and know their students well, they can accordingly assign homework to each one of them.

Some feel that this may become an unfair practice because some students may get simpler assignments or some students may even miss out on certain important lessons. But that is again just a matter of trust and understanding of the teachers. The teachers need to be given appropriate training to be psychologically, as well as academically be smart and available to the students. They need to make a good judgement so that they are neither unfair nor the students miss out on any important. Identifying the uniqueness of every student and working around it would definitely help the students in growing better. This is a technique that if applied well can work wonders.
You are entitled to claim compensation for any accident or injury which is caused by negligence on the part of someone else or their property. Slips and trips can happen anywhere, and at any time - in supermarkets, at work, pathways, and restaurants, and there are many personal injury lawyers out there waiting to work with you towards the compensation you deserve.

There are laws in place to protect the public and impose chargesfines on the people responsible for maintain and running public places, to ensure the safety of anyone who uses them. The laws apply to employers as well as privately owned establishmentsland, and of course to the local councils who are responsible for maintaining the roads and public pathwayspavement.

Slips, trips and falls are simple accidents which can have long lasting effects, such as time off work and physical impairments. If you slip over a faulty paving slab in a street, you could end up with a broken limb or sever bruising, or even concussion. This could mean up to several weeks off work, and if your company does not offer very much in the way of sick pay, you could find yourself in a worrying financial position. Compensation payouts not only award money for the initial pain and suffering caused by the accident, but they can include damages which can cover for loss of earnings, medical coststreatment fees and repairs to any clothingequipment you may have been wearingusing at the time.

If you have suffered a trip, slip or fall then there are a few steps you should take to help with your claim. Where possible, you should photograph the offending area, as this will best highlight the circumstances surrounding your injury. You should make sure you take down the contact details of any witnesses, who either saw your specific accident happen or who have seen the defective area in person. If anyone else has suffered a personal injury from the same sourcesituation the you should make sure you have their contact details, as they will be able to back up any evidence you provide. Finally you should make sure that you have reported the accident to the relevant personnel, whether at work to your manager or to the council if the injury happened in a public space.

It can be very easy to feel foolish or irresponsible when you have suffered a personal injury, and many incidents go unreported as a result. It is important to be aware that you are perfectly entitled to seek compensation, and in fact encouraged to, if only to highlight the problem to the relevant people to make sure no one else suffers the same fate.

Claiming is a simple process, and with just a small initial amount of effort you can get the ball rolling with your accident claim. Many companies offer a free initial consultation service with a view to embarking on a no win, no fee compensation claim. There really is nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered a personal injury due to negligence on the part of a private company, public organisation or governing body, you should seek advice from a personal injury specialist who will help you to recover the compensation you deserve.
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