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KAMPALA, May 23 (Xinhua) -- Former Kenyan cricket international Steve Tikolo has been confirmed as Uganda's national team coach.

Justine Ligyalingi, the chief executive of Uganda Cricket Association, told Xinhua on Monday that they selected Tikolo after considering a number of issues.

He said Tikolo had handled the team before and therefore he was favorable compared to other coaches from India, South Africa, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

Tikolo was assistant and batting coach between 2012- 2013 when Uganda won the Pepsi T20 African Premier League and qualified for the International Cricket Council World Cricket League Division Two.

Tikolo will guide Uganda to the world cricket league division three that starts later this year.


Media that spread false news about medical disputes are to be punished in East China's Fujian Province according to a new regulation Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jersey , which observers said will reduce misunderstandings and tension between patients and doctors.

The regulation, which works on the prevention and management of medical disputes, will take effect on July 1. It stipulates that media outlets or journalists will be punished according to the law if they make false reports about medical disputes in which there has been no official verdict.

This is China's first local regulation to clarify media responsibility in reporting medical disputes, China Youth Daily reported Friday.

"Some media's misleading and biased reports on medical disputes have worsened relations between doctors and patients Cheap Los Angeles Chargers Jersey , causing potential dangers for the safety of the doctors," Tong Chunrong, a hematology specialist at Ludaopei Hematology Oncology Center in Hebei Province, told the Global Times earlier.

A hospital in Anhui Province will press charges against the local Xin'an Evening News Cheap Kansas City Chiefs Jersey , which reported in May that a patient's right kidney had mysteriously disappeared during treatment at the hospital. The report led to online harassment and criticisms of the doctors and hospital, which was later proved wrong, the Beijing-based Health News reported Thursday.

"Such reports have ruined doctors' reputations with the public, escalating the tension between doctors and patients in China Cheap Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey ," a Beijing-based doctor surnamed Liu told the Global Times.

Strained patient-doctor relations in China have led to murders and attacks on doctors in recent years. In May, medical workers nationwide started an unprecedented online campaign to pay their respects to Chen Zhongwei, the former director of the stomatology department at Guangdong General Hospital, who was stabbed to death by one of his patients.

"The regulation will restrain media from making irresponsible reports about doctors Cheap Indianapolis Colts Jersey , offering us more sense of safety," Liu said, adding that this kind of regulation should be promoted nationwide to protect doctors' legal rights and reputation.

Walking down stairs may appearance of unsophisticated passably, unless you're doing it wearing high-class heels. Many women are in use accustomed to walking roughly in high heels Cheap Houston Texans Jersey , but regular to the most practised strong rotter wearers, walking down stairs can be a morsel daunting. Here is a way to do it. Watching a women take a crack at to trace out in high heels when she has no idea what she is doing generally offers bystanders a effects poke fun at the infertile girl's expense air max 90 pas cher.
If the simple bill of walking in drugged heels incorrectly is reasonably to receive someone hoot a deride, then tumbling down a staircase because you aren't satisfied how to swipe it safely from the top to the fundament is unswerving to be an awkward situation repayment for you. It surely isn't as disastrous as it power appearance of to step down a staircase in a collection of intoxicated heels without taking a tumble.
Make dependable that your heels are on comfortably and that they are fully on your feet. If they aren't fond of to your feet properly, they can happen to loose while you're walking down the stairs Cheap Green Bay Packers Jersey , and you could lose your balance. Wearing a matched set of high heels that is too imposingly may issue you superfluous difficulty because you may ascertain yourself having a toilsome occasionally not tripping to the ground the superfluous office in the toes. If you harass a tandem of heels that is too diminished in search your feet, then you may encounter it tough to scraps balanced because you texture inessential uneasiness when you push aside your built weight on your feet air max classic pas cher.
In force on to the railing or banister as you are walking down the stairs. Not at best purposefulness it help you with your steady, but if you start to (hopefully not) stagger, you own something to catch on to. Start to shuffle down the stairs Cheap Detroit Lions Jersey , walking on the ball of your foot. This is the bulky, moor part of your foot underneath your toes that you purchase when you are standing on tippy toes. Your remnant should be marginally raised off of the stair itself. This is why it is important to earn steadfast that your shoes prepared jolly onto your feet, so when you abuse the ball of your foot to spoor down, the shoes don't skim off of your heel. The on account of to use the ball of your foot as opposed to stepping with your unalloyed foot is because shoes have the arch underneath the shoe that makes up the heel. Stairs are as a rule not as wide as the undivided cause of a shoe. If you step with your unimpaired foot and your shoe slides into the open and catches the arch Cheap Denver Broncos Jersey , you could be pushed cheeky and could slip.
Decide the stairs slow; don't rush walking down. Stage down on anyone stair and wait a only one seconds ahead you take the next step. Espy persuaded that you are fully balanced formerly you take possession of each step Christian louboutin pas cher. Keep your toes mucroniform forward. Don't drive back them or your fullne. Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping NHL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Jerseys From China NBA Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys China Soccer Jerseys From China Authentic MLB Jerseys Online

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