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NEW DELHI, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- In a daring jailbreak, 10 armed men dressed in police uniforms broke into a prison in the northern Indian state of Punjab on Sunday and freed a militant commander and four other gangsters.

"The armed men stormed Nabha jail in Punjab early this morning, fired over 100 rounds of bullets and freed militant outfit Khalistan Liberation Force's chief Harminder Singh Mintoo and five other dreaded gangsters," a senior police official said.

The Khalistan Liberation Force is an insurgent group that is part of the Khalistan movement to create a Sikh homeland via armed struggle.

The 47-year-old Mintoo, who was arrested by police from Delhi airport in November 2014, is an accused in multiple terror-related cases across India. Others are well-known criminals mostly involved in running criminal gangs, the official said.

A massive manhunt has been launched to track down the five who escaped from the jail, the official said, adding a huge contingent of police force has also been sent to the area.

"Police checkpost have been set up in nearby areas too," he added.

This is the second major jailbreak recently. Last Month, eight "highly dangerous" members of the banned Islamist group Students' Islamic Movement of India escaped from a high-security jail in the central city of Bhopal. Hours later, police killed them in a gun battle.

Because it's such a widely recognized sport Jefferson Lerma Colombia Jersey , crappie fishing tips can be found all over the internet from hundreds of sources. The best fishing tips depend on where you are in the country, what season it is, and which lake you are fishing. However, there are some general crappie fishing tips that can easily carry over through various conditions. If you are just getting into the sport James Rodriguez Colombia Jersey , you could probably benefit from a brief overview of some of the best tactics and tips that guides have to offer.

One of the crappie fishing tips that is most interesting is to use a slip bobber. While many newcomers don't even know what that is, regular anglers use them often in the pursuit of crappie. The bobber on these slide up and down the line from the crappie rig to the bobber stop, which is placed at the depth you wish to fish. This sliding motion attracts the crappie because it gives the illusion of a more naturally moving bait, like minnows and worms Jackson Martinez Colombia Jersey , moving up and down as well as back and forth. Use these with ten pound line so that you can fish deeper and pull loose from stumps that you catch on without breaking the line.

If you are one who prefers to fish with minnows, you should keep in mind that crappie prefer live bait. One of the best crappie fishing tips you will ever get is how to hook the minnows in order to keep it alive longer for better results. Try putting the hook through the minnow's eyes this not only increases the life span of the small fish but also makes them pull through the water in a more natural direction as you drift or troll through the open water.

One good crappie fishing tip to keep in mind is to relax and be patient. If you get in a hurry and begin to move through the water too quickly, wishing to cover a lot of ground, you could completely miss a school of crappie. Often Guillermo Celis Colombia Jersey , if you get one bite, you should slow down and stay in the general vicinity, while trolling patiently around within a few dozen yards of the spot. Moving away will either take you away from the school or create a commotion that scares the fish away. Trolling or drifting in the general area can easily produce a day's limit.

The world has endless cases of cheating. A man, who was once head over heels in love with his wife Giovanni Moreno Colombia Jersey , might cheat on his wife to get some action and spice in his life. A person not contented with one girlfriend, may find another girl so that he can have different flavors in a week. These are instances where cheating is on the personal level. However, when you cheat on work, it is pretty low and disgusting Fredy Guarin Colombia Jersey , especially when everybody looks up to you.

Professional sports are prone to cheating. There are not only one or two instances, wherein players and coaches, do something to get ahead of their opponents. Part of the cheating is the use of drugs that are stimulant. Stimulants like steroids are performance enhancing drugs that will not wear you out while you are in the competition. There were many players using these drugs in NFL. Now, they banned it because this is a way of regulating the competition. This also ensures a fair fight among players because from the looks of it Frank Fabra Colombia Jersey , nobody gets to be a superhuman just to win the game.

There are forms of cheating in sports that can be lowly. Moreover, this type of cheating has been recently done by the New England Patriots. Yes, this three time Super Bowl Champions have cheated their way by capturing the defensive signals of the New York Jets with a use of a video cam. This scandal was called Spygate. They uncovered the incident in 2007. This put them in a situation wherein everything about them is doubtful. It will change the perception of their fans and the people who they convinced that they could be one of the best in NFL history. Sad to say, despite the fact that Bill Belichick is supposed to be one of best coaches in NFL Felipe Pardo Colombia Jersey , he becomes unworthy of becoming one.

Other forms of cheating in professional sports may have to do with manipulating the object using for playing. This is common in baseball since a pitcher can single handedly manipulate the movement of the ball through application of grease. Some even deface one side of the ball so that the pitcher can have a better grip of the ball. Some might say this is not cheating since every pitcher does it, however, it can alter the chances of the batter.

So as you can see, cheating is everywhere. It is not only prominent in school or within the bounds of your homes. It gets worst. Authentic MLB Jerseys Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Throwback NFL Jerseys Wholesale Custom Soccer Jerseys Cheap Replica NHL Jerseys China Cheap Orioles Jerseys Cheap Marlins Jerseys Cheap Dodgers Jerseys Wholesale Diamondbacks Jerseys Wholesale Atlanta Braves Jerseys

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