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A moment immediately on the most beautiful April days, when you set the bag flag to achieve no? If you have not bought do not worry, look at today's moment the most fire bag articles, high utilization, lethality Girl models, new explosions are here!

The girl is rivaling Fendi KAN I

The Fendi 2017 spring and summer show, a new handbag stunning debut, it is called "Kan I", the name comes from "KAN I win over You do not listen to the name of the Su La? It Luo cocoa wind personality appearance, sweet and bright, Fendi in this season the girls wind to play more clearly and clear.
Resuscitated spring girl feeling, start to buy a package to start it

Kan I as a whole is rectangular, the middle of the two color square rivet buckle features, the side is the delicate organ design. Kan I also has embroidery, quilting, Dingzhu, shell lace, decals and other styles.

Kan I was originally a chain package design, it is delicate and stylish. But with the Fendi Strap You shoulder strap together, but also showing another personality interesting style, more "KAN I strap you?" Effect, overbearing and girls appearance, was such a contrast to fry no ?

Kan I to the windbreaker this handsome chic look added a trace of romantic, beautiful and romantic meaning of the Fendi Kan I must be one of 2017 will be into the handbag.

Modern rebellious Chanel Gabrielle

Ms. Chanel is the first woman to design a shoulder strap, but also she invented the 2.55 can be single-chain, double-chain back of the chain design. Cheap Michael Kors Ireland To celebrate the birth of the founder, named after her new Gabrielle de Chanel handbags in the 2017 spring and summer series show debut, with avant-garde way to pay tribute to Ms. Chanel, this heavy immediately let Gabrielle became the focus The

Even in the just-concluded 2017 autumn and winter show, it is still the protagonist! Male and female models who have this special handbag embellishment.

Gabrielle de Chanel handbag has been nicknamed "stray package", delicate soft bag body and tough very wide at the bottom, all reflect the Chanel ladies on the pursuit of freedom and comfort. Adjustable shoulder strap with gold and silver double skin wear chain, the classic design in addition to the shoulder and Messenger, you can also combine the two: first chain hanging in the side of the shoulder, and then the other side of the Messenger, three The back method can be changed according to individual preference, occasion or mood.

Before the net explosion Gabrielle de Chanel handbag shot large after the scenes, by the Lafayette personally palm mirror, skateboarding girls and wandering package Look is not violated, want to be a young girl with different people, may wish to come to a modern rebellious wandering Package, while it becomes the back of everyone before the burst, the speed of a start it!

Elegant jacket, plus a Gabrielle wandering bag, will make you look full of grid does not lose Boy, who said romantic beauty only girl feeling? Modern rebellion should also be the girl's Tag ah! So you are Is it grass or grass?

Since Gucci gorgeous exaggerated wind back to the fashion circle, many brands have begun to pattern stack or even replacement. Such as Prada Vice line brand Miu Miu, 2017 series handbags really can make people shines, was explosive trend.

Miu Miu, you are not immediately think of the classic fold package? In fact, has long been a new adventure, Miu home in the main season gorgeous gemstone wind, especially gem package quietly into the popular goods, is also one of the most popular package.

Bright and rounded buckle dream is not like words, elegant and revealing the publicity of domineering, this package completely meet every girl inner aristocratic little princess dream, buy the girl said that love put it down!

When you look at the basic section of the tired, it is time to a golden gorgeous package! Whether it is playing with color or mix and match with, can give shape to play the key role in finishing touch!

The more fashionable Coach Dinky

In the north also turned warm again, Coach's Dinky tea rose limited handbags on the first to let people feel the aroma of spring, hand inlaid tea roses blossoming three-dimensional realistic, exquisite detail vividly, retro and fashion show good taste , People have to love!

Coach has long been from the "nothing to do with me," the "mother of professional households" turned into a "do not buy embarrassed mixed fashion circles," the fashionable brand. 2017 spring and summer series, the fashion circle of staff Dinky handbag is proof. Online Michael Kors Bags  Do not like tea roses, small dinosaur series of Dinky handbag is also the fun of girls choose the wind.

COACH Dinky tea rose series handbags, with the overall tough ROCK elements or uniform elements to mix and match, bring a trace of romantic sweet feelings, combined with Chocker's sexy and exquisite, the whole body exudes charming charm!

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