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1. Названия топиков должны быть четкими и отражать его смысл и индивидуальность!
Создание топика с названием "Help", "Need help", "Хелп ми", "Помогите", "Помогите найти", "Ищу одну песню", "Ищу(Помогите найти) трек(песню, песенку, музыку, композицию и т.д.)", "Привет" и т.д. - наказывается предупреждением!
2. Если что-то ищите - не поленитесь, создайте новую тему, а не пишите в старых, так будет больше шансов что Вам помогут.
За размещение просьбы о помощи в чужой или своей старой теме - предупреждение.

Ознакомьтесь с полными правилами раздела

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Thoroughly enjoyed this album - slightly different from the movie (which is just fine - loved the French hip-hop version of "Oh What a Night") - I actually have both the movie and the play - and glad I have both.
Dean Cedrik Relleja
If I could give it more stars I would. Eastwood and the cast did a magnificent job. I love this movie.
Jose Garcia Castellanos
The Four Seasons were a big part of my teens. The movie was really well made and the music wonderful. A great blast from my past!!
Joey Bingley
LOVED IT! Haven't seen anything like it in a long time. The songs were great as well as the acting and dancing!
Andreas Uleberg
Good movie. Drags a bit at times. Clint is getting old and seemed to be dozing during parts of this movie. They could lose 30 minutes and not miss anything really important. Fun. Worth watching.
Alba Sanz

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